A vertical garden can help increase the value of a property, making it a worthwhile investment. However, in the event the installation fails for any reason or the property owner incurs huge costs on maintenance, this investment can give negative returns, diminishing any gains made on the property value in the long run. 

A vertical garden will only fail if the natural process of plant growth is challenged by the system or when the vertical garden is built without providing the necessity setup for easy maintenance. 

The vertical garden solution from Vista Concepts follows nature and provides a simple system for a more sustainable vertical garden. Plants normally grow upwards with the roots requiring a firm support, which is provided by the growing medium consisting of natural soil or even a soil-less medium.

Plants also require sufficient quantities of light, nutrients and water to survive, grow and thrive. A simple drip irrigation system can be installed to follow the natural flow of water from top to bottom where any excess water is drained out to avoid root rot.

Vista Concepts provides guidance to their customers on designing a successful vertical garden including advice on construction, irrigation, drainage, planting, automation and maintenance.