As principal glass provider for the Mash House project, a creation of Andrew Maynard Architects, Viridian supplied both VFloat and ThermoTech glazing for the project. Melbourne architect Andrew Maynard was a finalist in Viridian’s 2011 Vision Award for Residential Energy Efficiency.

The Mash House sits at the rear of an inner city bungalow and acknowledges the recent past yet maintains and ultra modern appearance.

Maynard’s work features super transparency, vibrant colours, organic forms and shagpile carpets, all part of the design equation, while the fragmented and discrete zones allow the Mash House to effortlessly open up or close down.

The Viridian double glazed units are a key element to removing the usual barriers between the inside and outside areas.

Viridian VFloat clear 6.8mm double glazed windows were used throughout, while Viridian ThermoTech 12mm argon filled glazing/thermoplastic spacer windows and doors range from 700mm to 2040mm wide by 2000mm in height.

Steel frames were used for the windows and doors, while some windows were framed with anodised aluminium. VFloat glazing offers high light transmission and visibility and can be used as conventional or double glazed windows. The glass can be toned to reduce glare and solar radiation without impacting on clarity and distortion.

VFloat is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses for optimum utilisation and is ideal for large window openings.

Designed for fully framed conditions, ThermoTech glazing offers improved insulation by reducing heat conduction between indoors and outdoors, stabilising internal environments. ThermoTech glazing can also be used in high humidity applications and also provide sound reduction.

More information on this project and the glazing used is available from Viridian.