Due to changes in the political climate and with very real and seemingly random threats to personal security, it has been necessary for governments, public and private organisations as well as individuals to reassess their security needs.

Bomb and BlastGuard glass from Viridian is a range of highly specialised products manufactured to counter the threat of bomb attacks.

The blast resistant glass is available in a selection of thicknesses, including MineGuard which has been specially designed for military vehicle use. Bomb and BlastGuard blast resistant glasses have been specifically designed to withstand the two assaults particularly experienced from bomb blasts;

  • Blast wave; and
  • Bomb case fragments
Bomb and BlastGuard are lighter than traditional bomb and blast resistant glass and consist of glass, highly specialised polycarbonates, polyurethane and specifically developed security interlayers. The components used in the manufacture of the blast resistant glass ensure high levels of light transmission as well as free from distortion viewing.

Bomb and BlastGuard glass is generally used in high-risk areas such as embassies and government buildings, high profile public buildings, armoured and specialised defence vehicles.