Australia’s leading glass provider, Viridian New World Glass has added a new product to its award-winning SmartGlass glazing solutions range.

SmartGlass SP35 Grey Dusk, the new addition to the SmartGlass range extends the selection of energy efficient glazing solutions for builders and specifiers, allowing greater flexibility in the overall design process.

Launched in 2011, the SmartGlass range offers the homeowner a more affordable single glazed range of energy efficient glass made in Australia. Specifically designed for varying climate zones and home orientations, SmartGlass glazing solutions provide an uncomplicated way to make good glass choices and achieve higher energy ratings without sacrificing natural light and aspect.

Available in a variety of tones, all options in the Viridian SmartGlass range have the same insulation performance but different levels of solar protection (SP). The newly launched SmartGlass SP35 Grey Dusk comes in a mid-grey colour and offers a medium level of solar protection helping to reduce the level of heat and glare entering a home whilst maintaining natural coloured external views.

Viridian’s SmartGlass range consists of monolithic single-glazed products that can be readily substituted for ordinary glass without the need to change the frame specifications, enabling builders, specifiers and consumers to improve their glazing easily within an existing design or for renovations.

Viridian’s General Manager of Marketing, Lachlan Austin explains that SmartGlass looks like ordinary glass but has a high tech (Low E) coating fused to the glass to actively insulate a home. SmartGlass can improve a home’s energy efficiency rating by up to a whole ‘Star’ in some cases.

Observing that homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the difference windows make to the energy efficiency and liveability of their homes, he said that installing energy efficient glass such as Viridian’s SmartGlass reduces reliance on artificial cooling and heating systems, resulting in substantial energy savings while also creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Lachlan adds that SmartGlass SP35 Grey is the first addition to the Viridian SmartGlass range since its launch in 2011. SmartGlass SP35 Grey will feature alongside the other products in the SmartGlass range, including SmartGlass SP10 Clear, SmartGlass SP30 Neutral and SmartGlass SP40 Green.

SmartGlass SP50 Grey is now being transitioned from the SmartGlass range and will be removed from the range as of June 26th 2013.

Key features of Viridian’s SmartGlass glass products:

  • Awarded the HIA GreenSmart product of the year in 2011
  • Offers stronger insulation performance, 39% better than ordinary glass
  • Choice of four levels of solar protection from the sun’s heat and glare
  • Affordable energy efficient glazing solution for home segment
  • Manufactured in Australia