Viridian recently launched Viridian PyroGuard 40 bushfire resistant glass, a specially processed insulated glass unit designed for use in buildings in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 40.

The devastating effect of the Black Saturday fires had a significant influence upon the content of AS3959-2009, Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas. Now with the harsh Aussie bushfire season approaching, new home builders and renovators are rightly concerned about choosing the most effective materials to protect their homes. 

Justin Jays, Viridian’s Residential Marketing Manager, says; “PyroGuard 40’s transparent coating helps to protect the interior of the building by reducing the extreme flow of radiated heat through the glass generated by the bushfire.”

“Viridian PyroGuard 40 bushfire resistant glass overcomes the need to use bushfire resistant shutters or metal screens on windows, helping to preserve the homeowner’s views of Australia’s countryside," Mr Jays adds.