Architectural glass manufacturer, Viridian (formerly Pilkington and DMS Glass) is pleased to announce the addition of DécorColour Absolute Black to its popular DécorColour range of decorative laminates. The launch of the new decorative laminate completes the DécorColour palette and combined with the existing colours in the range, provides thousands of coloured laminate options.

DécorColour Absolute Black is a high quality decorative product and delivers a touch of elegance and sophistication to any commercial or residential project. DécorColour Absolute Black decorative laminate offers unlimited design options for interior and exterior applications. For exterior applications, Viridian recommends heat strengthening or toughening to help reduce the risk of glass breakage due to thermal stress.

The stylish simplicity of glass and DécorColour Absolute Black makes it perfect to mix with other building materials and finishes. From furniture, wall panelling and partitions to interior doors, flooring, stairs and spandrel panels, the versatility of DécorColour Absolute Black allows designers to use glass in extraordinary ways.

DécorColour Absolute Black decorative laminate has a uniform, coloured surface, when compared to painted black glass, provides superior aesthetic appeal and seamless visual quality.
James Harris, Viridian Interiors Channel Manager – Marketing explained, “With a visual light transmittance of zero percent, DécorColour Absolute Black provides an innovative way of adding privacy, style and balance to virtually any laminated glass application. Combining DécorColour Absolute Black with other colours from the DécorColour palette opens up a world of possibilities to create original, dramatic and even reversible designs. For example, you could have white on one side and Absolute Black on the other within the one unit to create two completely different interior landscapes.”

DécorColour Absolute Black is available in widths up to 3.2 metres and is Grade A safety glass and offers all the benefits of laminated glass such as safety, security, sound reduction and structural integrity. Manufactured using, DécorColour Absolute Black is manufactured using heat and light-stable pigments instead of dyes and provides a colour that will not fade. Also, given that it’s glass, it is easy to clean and maintain.

DécorColour Absolute Black is now available nationally as part of Viridian’s DécorColour range of decorative laminates.