Cue Clothing has recently relocated to new headquarters in Surry Hills, Sydney.  The two storey, 3000sqm premises seamlessly incorporate design studios and showrooms and features bespoke glazing as provided by Viridian Glass.  

Cue headquarters were designed by Geyer to create greater connectivity between people and across the company, with seamless integration between offices, showrooms and studios.  Viridian glass, along with a palette of natural elements, proved essential to visually and physically connecting the spaces.  

The premises centre on the light, airy reception and two main showrooms of pure white glass, which create separate but connected spaces for each of Cue’s brands.  The use of white glass was essential to give a playful element of shadow play, evoking curiosity, whilst maintaining privacy.  Geyer was keen to avoid the green tint that can often be experienced with white laminated glass.  The solution was to opt for intelligent lighting combined with Viridian SuperClear to provide the pure white, glowing glass that was desired.  

Geyer also utilised glass for the boardroom.  To provide privacy and in keeping with the rest of the space dark, virtually black, double glazing was used.  Geyer explained that it was extremely difficult to find glass in a suitably dark tint.  Viridian SuperGrey proved to be the solution, when double glazed the SuperGrey glass offered the dark tint and transparency that was being looked for  

The Geyer team said that the variation between translucency, transparency and reflectivity was important to their theme of connectivity without creating disruption and distraction.  Where glass was clear or dark it was required to be ultra clear or super dark. Viridian’s glass products and technical support were really important to achieving the definite appearance and function required.   

According to Cue Design Director, Debi Rolle, the staff response to the project has been exceptional.  Seeing the staff meeting, working and moving though headquarters the flow and usage of the spaces can be truly appreciated.