Glass from Viridian (formerly Pilkington and DMS Glass) forms an important design element at a new apartment building in Newcastle. 

The Royal Apartments on the Pacific edge, only minutes away from the town centre of Newcastle was developed by Mirvac and Landcom, and designed by Tzannes Associates. 

According to Architect Alec Tzannes, Director of Tzannes Associates, the Royal Apartments has a low-key, understated presence not quite typical of coastal development but with a terrific relationship to the city and the beach. Glass has been used as a flexible wall and a veil in the design. 

Extensive glazing has been used where the building needs to become more of a figure in the ground and identifiable. While other elements of the building are more subdued and form the edges of open space or streets, or connect the ocean, the use of glass reverberates to the varying demands and opportunities.

Glass has been used extensively while remaining mindful of the significant energy challenges. The stepping forward or back of the glass gives the project a certain dimension and shelter, allowing glazing to form an important part of the design palette. The entire glazing was supplied and installed by Micos. 

Speaking on future-proofing his designs, Architect Alec Tzannes comments that sustainability and longevity are an important part of carbon footprint reduction. 

Some of the wider environmental strategies, which are part of the design concept, include the fenestration that allows the passive solar protection to work very well in addition to Low E glass, cross ventilation, active solar controls, good-sized balconies and multiple orientations. 

Viridian glass products used in the Royal Apartments project: 

  • 6.38mm Clear laminated glass products
  • 10.38mm Clear laminated glass 
  • Comfort Plus Low E glass 
  • Cafe: 10mm and 12mm 
  • Clear toughened glass 
  • Hotel Lobby: 15mm Clear toughened glass 
  • Apartment Lobby: 19mm Clear toughened glass