Viridian (formerly Pilkington and DMS Glass)  ThermoTech IGU and EVantage SuperGreen double glazing systems were recently used extensively in the design and construction of the Smith House at Wheelers Hill, 15km south east of Melbourne CBD.  

Building designer James Couper was a finalist in Viridian’s 2011 Vision Award for Residential Energy Efficiency. He comments on the brief required for this project; “it called for something substantial to entertain clients, family and friends. The client wanted open plan living areas with plenty of glass facing the north.”  

The main living area was designed to be clean and streamlined. The façade used a thermally broken window frame that incorporates double glazed Viridian EVantage SuperGreen glazing to help control the amount of heat loss and heat gain into the building.  

Despite the size of the home, it still achieved a 5-star energy saving rating, predominantly due to the combination of concrete slabs, insulation in walls and ceilings and the Viridian double glazing systems.  

Viridian ThermoTech IGU and EVantage SuperGreen double glazing systems also help control external noise and glare. The client wanted to ensure there was a balance between glare reduction and heat control.  

James Couper says about the innovative use of Veridian glazing for the flooring; “Security was a very important part of the brief. They wanted a secure environment and they certainly didn’t feel put off by the amount of glass proposed. The internal glass flooring really brings light down through the house rather than simply ‘across’ the space.”