Viridian (formerly Pilkington and DMS Glass) , manufacturer of energy efficient glass, has played a starring role in the design of the innovative Western Australian carbon neutral display home built by Right Homes, the Jade 909.

The Jade 909 has recently won this year’s HIA WA GreenSmart Home of the Year, recognising its impressive sustainability credentials.

The three bedroom, two bathroom home has been designed with cost competitive building materials that maximise energy efficiency to secure a nine-star rating under the Building Energy Rating Scheme.

The home utilises numerous of design measures and building materials that make it highly energy efficient and allow it to return the energy from photovoltaic solar power back into the grid.

Gary Wright, director at Right Homes explains that the Jade 909 uses 119% less energy (based on 2002 state average CO² Emissions) than the average Perth house, and has been built using passive-solar design principles that include features like Viridian energy efficient glass to help make energy efficient housing a reality.

Viridian ComfortPlus energy efficient glass is manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions and was chosen as an essential element for the home due to its ability to keep the home cooler in summer and reduce heat loss during cold winter nights.

The greater energy efficiency afforded by ComfortPlus also enabled the home to use window areas to expand its views and natural light to create a more rewarding, attractive and healthier place to live.

Stephen Larter, Viridian Segment Manager WA explained, “Viridian ComfortPlus Grey was chosen as the best glazing option for the Jade909 as it is a single glazed energy efficient glass that has superior insulation properties compared to ordinary glass, as well as the ability to manage solar heat gain through the combination of a special durable Low Emissivity (Low E) coating and the advantages of toned glass.”

“Viridian ComfortPlus when appropriately selected can boost a property’s Energy Efficiency Star rating, with its ability to reduce solar heat transmission by up to 41% as well as deliver up to a 39% improvement in insulation over ordinary clear glass.

“The homeowner can still also enjoy their views through the windows as the Low E Solar control component, which admits visible light whilst reducing solar heat gain, does not require heavy tinting or reflective mirror-like coatings that could reduce natural light.

“Viridian ComfortPlus also offered an important safety component for the homeowner’s piece of mind, as it is a Grade A laminated safety glass that reduces the potential for injury, if broken,” said Stephen.

Gary Wright of Right Homes acknowledges the contribution Viridian has made to the overall energy efficient achievement of the innovative Jade 909 and commented, “Viridian ComfortPlus Grey was the perfect single glazed option for this home, which would have struggled to achieve the energy efficient excellence of 9 Stars and natural light without the special Low E component and choice of solar control performance of the Viridian ComfortPlus range,”

“This home is really something special as it goes further than superior energy efficiency but achieves this design requirement within the context of a beautiful, inspiring and more affordable home.

“The Jade 909, through the choice of better energy efficient options, has satisfied the customers’ desire to reduce their environmental impact and household energy costs while also maximize their views, light, and the home’s aesthetic appeal,” Mr Wright concluded.