Acoustic Engineer Tim Trewin, secretary of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants confirms that the ComfortHush from Viridian New World Glass significantly boosts the acoustic performance of a home.

ComfortHush is a unique range of acoustic glazing products from Viridian comprising of two layers of glass sandwiching a unique 3-layer laminate. ComfortHush is part of a comprehensive range of acoustic glazing solutions offered by Viridian that combines superior noise reduction with high efficiency to provide highly effective acoustic insulation.

Tim explains that the increasing density of Australian cities has fuelled demand for acoustic glazing products, which have a dramatic effect on a building’s internal acoustics in high noise environments.

Though Australian cities are still low-density by world standards, Councils are currently rezoning certain areas for higher-density populations as it makes sense to concentrate the new population around public transport hubs.

The increased density comes with problems such as increasing noise transference between neighbours, especially when single homes are being replaced by high-density developments.

Viridian’s ComfortHush is designed to improve the acoustic properties of Australian homes. Tim explains that ComfortHush’s special laminated interlayer design provides additional internal dampening, and significantly boosts acoustic performance by cutting out unwanted noise and reducing the negative effects caused by resonance.

In addition to these noise attenuation properties, ComfortHush acoustic glazing incorporates a durable Low E (low emissivity) coating to help keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass and reduces fading of interior furnishings by eliminating 99% of UV light.

The laminated construction of ComfortHush provides marked acoustic benefits over monolithic glass of the same thickness, especially in controlling low frequency sounds, which are the hardest to reduce. The significant frequency filtering abilities of ComfortHush eliminate or reduce a wide range of noise sources including heavy road traffic noise.