Available from Viridian , IntruderGuard laminated glass offers a resilient and durable barrier for susceptible entry points across a range of applications.

This security glass ensures protection for people and property in residential buildings as well as specialised commercial applications.

Even though IntruderGuard has the appearance of regular glass, it provides a barrier that is 20 times harder to break than regular float glass. This is achieved without affecting the appearance of the building or giving a ‘high security’ impression.

IntruderGuard is a 7.52mm laminated glass that features an interlayer that is four times the thickness of regular laminated glass.

IntruderGuard will also provide resistance to accidental impact as well as absorb 99% of UV radiation, helping to minimise the fading of furnishings. It also helps to minimise unwanted noise and is available in tint or Viridian ComfortPlus.

For a complete security solution, IntruderGuard security laminated glass should be integrated with window frames and locks of sufficient strength.