DMS Glass is a company which is now known as Viridian New World Glass after its acquisition by CSR Technologies. DMS Glass offers glass and products made of various types of glass. Float glass from DMS Glass involves a process where glass is manufactured by melting soda ash, sand, limestone and dolomite. This results in a continuous glass ribbon which floats over molten tin. The molten glass is then cooled for annealing. This process maximises the mechanical resistance of the glass and modifies its internal stress.

Décor patterned glass from DMS Glass involved embossing a pattern on to the glass during the manufacturing process. The half molten glass is sent through a set of rollers before it’s sent for annealing. Thus one side of the glass remains smooth and the other side is embossed.

Laminated safety glass offered by DMS Glass comprises of about two layers of glass which is permenantly bound together through a resin. Even if the glass is broken this resin holds the two layers together. The thickness of the laminated glass can be varied according to the applications. This type of glass mainly provides resistance against bombs and physical attack. Further, toughened glass which is heat strengthened is also provided by DMS Glass.