Pilkington now has a new fire safety product - Pilkington Pyrostop - available in Australia which provides protection from flames, hot gas, smoke and heat while also meeting the integrity and insulation fire resistant levels outlined in the Building Code of Australia.

Pyrostop provides certified fire protection as well as the aesthetic appeal of high quality float glass, complementing of light and space.

It is suitable for a range of applications such as transparent fire walls, windows, fully and half glazed fire doors, screens, partitions and facades. Designed for interior and exterior use in a wide range of sizes, Pilkington Pyrostop is available with short lead times.

“Pilkington Pyrostop has had enormous success in major commercial projects worldwide as it makes it easy to comply with the fire codes and maximise the overall levels of safety and fire protection without compromising on the creative design process, in particular the architect’s desire for light and space,” says Paul Cocker, Pilkington’s marketing development manager.