Viridian (formerly Pilkington and DMS Glass)  recently launched a new online resource, Viridian Residential, as the next stage in a campaign to make it easier for consumers and the building industry to make better glazing choices.

The new website communicates where and how best to use glass in the home in creative and innovative ways, offering product solutions for any number of glass requirements.

This website achieves clarity for the user, featuring video presentations, a Product Selector tool and useful Low E (Low Emissivity) and Double Glazing animations.

Lachlan Austin, Viridian Marketing Manager explained, “We realise that glazing choices are quite technical and both consumers and the building industry do not have the time to spend researching all the different ways to use glass and how to apply it effectively in different areas of the home.”

“We built Viridian Residential to help home buyers and renovators make sense of the options quickly and easily.

“This site also makes it easier for builders and architects to clearly demonstrate improved value for their client,” Lachlan said.

This new online resource is a step further in Viridian’s glazing education, following on from this year’s widely publicised launch of the See Beyond Windows website.

“See Beyond Windows was designed to help users with the ‘why’ of selecting improved performance glass, and explaining what should be considered, such as how the local climate impacts the home’s temperature and the affect of building orientation,” Lachlan said.

“These options show how to combine energy efficient glass with windows that reduce noise, provide protection from intruders and create shelter from extreme weather.

“With new advances in glass technologies, there is an exciting amount of sophisticated decorative glass options available which can also be easily viewed using this new website function.

“Simply by identifying key issues at the design stage, attractive glass products can be selected to match specific applications to achieve valuable, long lasting performance and these proven technologies are accessible right now to home-builders and renovators throughout Australia,” Lachlan said.

Further information on Viridian and how to implement creative solutions using glass and windows can be obtained from the Viridian website. Or to better understand and prepare for the opportunities available through high performance windows visit the See Beyond Windows website.