Vinyl Council of Australia has launched a new online design management tool that helps builders, architects, designers and specifiers develop PVC product solutions, which work towards a range of Green Star Credit requirements.

Free to download and use from the Council’s website, the PVC Solutions tool covers many applications of PVC/vinyl products that are part of building construction systems and can contribute to earning points within Green Star.

The tool can be browsed by credit or product type with suppliers of PVC products identified in each category under the Green Star credit system. Links are provided to the websites of manufacturers and suppliers where important and relevant information may be obtained to support project documentation required under the rating system.

Vinyl Council Chief Executive, Sophi MacMillan explains that the PVC Solutions tool was developed to help projects identify where PVC products play a role in meeting environmental performance criteria such as thermal comfort or natural ventilation.

The PVC Credit in Green Star specifically relates to the use of pipe, cable, conduit, resilient wall and floor coverings. A wide range of PVC applications including window frames, wall profiles, roof membranes, fittings and furnishings can be specified in Green Star projects without discrimination and may also be eligible to earn Green Star points under a variety of credits.