The Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA) commends the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) for reviewing its position on the use of PVC products in the built environment.

After almost two years of extensive engagement with stakeholders, including the establishment of an Expert Reference Panel, the GBCA has concluded a comprehensive examination of the life cycle of PVC building products. They have also drawn informed conclusions based on this and the Panel’s advice.

The GBCA recognises the progress of the Australian PVC industry through its Product Stewardship Program to improve the environmental performance of PVC products, and following recommendations of its Expert Reference Panel, is proposing to use a PVC Credit in the Materials category of the Green Star building rating tool to encourage best practice in the PVC industry.

The proposed Credit will only reward and encourage the use of PVC products that are independently verified as achieving best practice performance in the life cycle of the product, within the major applications of PVC products in Green Star projects.

The VCA, the peak body representing the Australian PVC industry, is positive the process will create an outcome that is good news for the industry and the environment.

Sophi MacMillan, The VCA’s Chief Executive, explained that the GBCA's approach will have a considerable impact on shaping the future of the PVC industry in Australia by giving recognition to individual PVC manufacturers and product suppliers who have improved environmental and health aspects of their processes and products.

“Choosing PVC products that meet the best practice criteria in the proposed new Credit will improve environmental performance in the building sector and encourage a more sustainable PVC industry,” Ms MacMillan said.

The Australian PVC industry remains committed to addressing areas that will assist in developing sustainable production and consumption approaches across the supply chain and this is reflected through its independently audited voluntary Product Stewardship Program, now in its seventh year.

The VCA looks forward to working with the GBCA and the property industry to support the introduction of the new PVC Green Star Credit.