Security in a safe should be seen as a priority - a safe is much more than an empty metal box with a fancy name on it. SECURE DCS safes offer ultimate security and reliability with their intelligent and user-friendly hotel room safes.

The stylish European Safe is extremely advanced in it’s functions and very well priced. These low-maintenance safes have been supplied to over 1 million hotel rooms worldwide. Their Australian launch has been successful, with sales to major sites.

Revolutionary features include on-board programming for different options. The safe is programmed according to the requirements and choice of each hotel. In fact, its size and colour will be made to fit any customer requirement with no extra charge for bulk orders. As it is, the safe is available in 4 standard sizes to accommodate all needs. A standard feature is its memory, which retains the last 12 events but can be expanded up to 200 events with time, date and printout facilities.