Vintec Australia  have a wine storage and serving solution to suit every need. Their cabinets are designed to protect wines against all external influences, whilst allowing them to mature under optimal conditions. From ageing to serving to tasting, a Vintec Transtherm wine storage cabinet is the answer to every wine connoisseurs dream.

Within the hospitality industry, the way in which wine is displayed and presented adds to the overall dining pleasure and experience of clientele. Vintec’s premium wine storage solutions allow for ease of selecting and serving chosen wines. A Vintec Australia wine cabinet can help ensure a restaurant or cellar space is beautiful and functional.

And when it comes to the home, a Vintec Transtherm wine cabinet is designed to be built into a kitchen and to enhance an entertaining lifestyle. It ensures that good wine is always on hand.

Vintec Australia specialises in wine storage cabinets, imported from France, Denmark and China. They offer a comprehensive range of products, ranging from a small 2 temperature cabinet for 30 bottles up to a walk in cellar for 3,900 bottles.