Victoria Stone Gallery continues to expand their range of Super White Dolomite benchtops made from natural stone blocks sourced from Brazil. High on aesthetics and performance, and low on maintenance, VSG’s Super White Dolomite collection is recommended for bathrooms and kitchens in new builds as well as renovations.

Thanks to their Brazil-based director, Chris, VSG is directly involved in the journey of the slabs from the quarry to the selection of blocks, and from the South of Bahia, Brazil to Victoria, Australia. The best blocks are personally selected by Chris and discussed with the VSG team in Australia to build up an exclusive collection for customers.

Aspects such as large format slabs, variations in style, consistency in quality and pricing are taken into consideration. VSG currently offers Super White slabs up to 3.25 metres in width, adding the desired wow-factor to the kitchen. Larger slabs can also be processed on demand.

Victoria Stone Gallery also supplies a regular stock of Super White and Super White Calacatta, and will soon be loading up their gallery with Super White Dark, Super White Arabescato and Super White Grey.

The best thing about VSG is that all of their products are sourced from the same supplier, and processed by their Brazilian team, which provides the assurance of quality and aesthetics across a spectrum of cost. Rest assured, there is a Super White for everyone.

The uniqueness of Super White Dolomite benchtops

Super White is a unique blend of Dolomite marble and Quartz. Harder than the typical marble, Dolomite features Quartz veining, making for a strong, durable and less porous benchtop option. While Super White replicates marble in appearance, it is less prone to staining and etching.

Super White Dolomite benchtop maintenance

Super White is recommended for indoor and outdoor applications. However, it still requires care and maintenance for long-lasting performance and good looks. Super White benchtops must be sealed by your fabricator or installer, and resealing must be done annually, depending on the usage and exposure to household products and sunlight. Clean it every day as you would any other surface, wipe up spills as soon as possible, and avoid placing hot pots and pans directly onto the surface; follow these care tips and keep your Super White Dolomite benchtops looking good well into the future.