Victoria Stone Gallery stocks a selection of blue Quartzite stone slabs as part of their growing Quartzite collection.

Victoria Stone Gallery recently came across a pool house designed by a New York architect Rafael de Cárdenas for a mid-19th-century English country manor. The architect specified blue Quartzite marble for the pool house.

de Cárdenas’ approach to architecture and design “sees it apply form and materials to create spaces with distinctive atmospheres”.

A key design objective was to create a unique identity for the pool house by making it feel like a destination. de Cárdenas explained that the building needed to be “something quite distinct from the main house, that would draw on and complement its surroundings”.

Other natural stone varieties have also been included in this pool house, especially on the walls and the floor around the pool. Botticino marble tiles treated with an anti-slip rullato finish have been installed on the floors. The book-matched Azul Macauba quartzite creates the intense blue colour of the pool.

An increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners, designers and architects, Quartzite is not to be confused with the man-made Quartz, and is formed by naturally occurring metamorphic rock. Starting out as sandstone, Quartzite evolves over time under intense heat and pressure.

Quartzite is available in exotic patterns of pinks, greens, reds, brown and blue that mainly come from Brazil.

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