Vertex Building Design (BD) software from Vertex CAD/PDM Systems Pty Ltd uses real building elements to model house designs in every detail exactly as they will be built. All essential information including drawings, material estimates, framing details and sales tools is sourced from the building information model (BIM).

Vertex BD is a flexible CAD software platform specifically aimed at home builders. The tools have been designed to fit to the way the user works, making the design process more flexible, efficient and productive.

The software includes a 3D environment connected directly to the 2D layer which means that operations can be performed much quicker and easier. The flexible platform allows for custom configuration of features to fit in with the client's business needs as well as their process flow.

The options management system can handle:

  • Elevations
  • Logic controls
  • Nested options
  • Roof configurations
  • Room layouts
  • Site specific plan sets
  • Stretch options
  • Trim options
  • Wall heights
Vertex BD can also aid in the integration of the architectural department with the sales, estimating, construction, purchasing and accounting departments. When information is generated from a single source like this it reduces the chance of errors and increases the efficiency of the whole operation.