Vertex CAD/PDM Systems Pty Ltd supplies two house design software products which when combined are designed to aid home building companies in all aspects of the building project. These products are:

  • Vertex BD building design software
  • Vertex DesignStream (PDM) data management software
These house design software products are a comprehensive solution that covers the whole supply chain. This means the process of building the home is much faster, errors are minimised and overall project management is made a lot easier.

The software provides tools for marketing, sales, drafting, architectural and structural design, production, erection and the production and management of after sales drawings and other project documentation.

Design drawings and other data created, as well as any editing and updates, are able to be transferred straight away to the production floor thus ensuring the up to date management of erection phase documents. These house design software products can also be connected to other information systems such as ERP as well as to production machines compatible with the client's business processes.