Roller blinds featuring a metallised SilverScreen fabric from Verosol Australia were installed at Haileybury College in Melbourne to reduce solar heat gain and increase comfort for the building’s occupants.

A project by Alessi Design Group, the building located at 383 King St, Melbourne was designed by architect Darren Carnell. With large glass facades, glare was a major issue at certain times during the day.

Ambience roller blinds featuring 205 SilverScreen semi-transparent fabric were specified for the project. About 120 blinds in black were installed in the education project.

Verosol's metallised SilverScreen fabric provides a high level of comfort for students and teachers in the building. The high reflectivity of SilverScreen significantly reduces solar heat gain in the building, helping achieve cost savings in heating and cooling.

Additionally, the glare issues have been eliminated, without compromising natural lighting and views to the outside.