The highly versatile Vergola open-close roof system brings style and function to both residential and commercial properties, helping create comfortable outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

A covered pergola maximises the use of your outdoor living space. Architects love to work with a Vergola not only for the way it aesthetically enhances an outdoor area but also for its ability to create a different mood depending on the time of day and the season.

The versatile Vergola

Be it an entertaining area outdoors for a new home or an added outdoor space to an existing one, a louvered pergola can be integrated to create a space that can be used in any season or weather condition. By installing a Vergola with its easily operable open and close roof, you can have total control over your outdoor area – you can let the sun in or shut it out depending on the weather, and you can keep the wind and rain out to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Vergola features a rain sensor that automatically closes the louvres at the first hint of rain. Vergola gutters and flashings are manufactured using Colorbond steel, and the framework can be constructed from timber, steel, or any other material that complies with local building codes. Timber allows Vergola to complement existing pergolas or be integrated into more classically designed structures.

Benefits of working with a Vergola

The Vergola opening and closing roofing system can be incorporated into a range of structures and configurations, either freestanding or as part of an existing building. Integrating a Vergola into a new home or renovation can unlock the full potential and lifestyle benefits of any outdoor living space. For instance, a Vergola can be equipped with a range of architectural features to fit contemporary or period design styles; will suit any roof style whether pitched, flat, inserted or gabled; offers comprehensive choices from single or multiple bays, to covering the smallest opening or a large area with custom designs; and has unique gutters independent of existing guttering fitted inside the frame’s perimeter to allow any water to run off the louvres safely into existing or dedicated downpipes.

Attractive features of the Vergola system

Louvered Vergolas allow the user to have complete control of the covered space with a simple flick of a switch enabling the user to close the louvres tight, so guests don’t get caught in a sudden downpour halfway through lunch. A louvered pergola in contemporary or traditional designs facilitates the crossflow of air – they can be opened to allow cool air to flow through or closed when the weather turns.


Vergola’s unique aero-foil wing shape with an air gap and double Colorbond steel offers maximum insulation to keep people warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The wind and rain are blocked out, and the Vergola can be used for noise control and/or as a privacy screen. Compared to other roofs, a Vergola can reduce air temperature by up to 18°C.

Value addition

A stylish Vergola incorporated into an architectural design can provide an extra room outdoors for residential or commercial properties that need more functional space.

Superior quality and design

Vergola’s design consultants work with architects to achieve the best design option for a home or commercial property, taking into account the property’s existing design elements and orientation among other considerations.

Vergola (NSW) is an Australian owned company, and all Vergolas are manufactured in Australia at their Terrey Hills, NSW factory. Architects and contractors can access Vergola CAD drawings (AutoCAD DXF, ArchiCAD and Revit models) and fixtures and finishing information on the Vergola website. Also, the in-house design consultant is available to assist with any other information and support needed when integrating a Vergola into your building designs.