Vergola (NSW)  provide a range of louvre roofing systems which have the main purpose of protecting outdoor spaces against heat, rain and other environmental conditions.

The weather protection provided by Vergola's louvre roofing systems ensures users can continue to enjoy their outdoor or indoor outdoor spaces undisturbed. 

A key feature of Vergola’s louvre roofing systems is their capabilities to provide complete protection from the rain. 

During rainy conditions, the Vergola roofing systems automatically close and overlap each other creating a protective cover. 

Other rain water protection benefits and features of the louvre roofing systems include: 

  • have been designed with water clearance in mind 
  • water is directed into the roof systems' gutter networks
  • gutters will disperse water to the closest point of clearance such as a downpipe of a storm water system 
  • suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor outdoor spaces including commercial and residential spaces