Vergola (NSW) attributes the performance of their outdoor roofing systems to the simple and elegant design of its louvre.

The dual skin aerofoil shape of the louvre roof is constructed from Colorbond steel, provides durability and strength as well as insulation from heat reducing thermal radiation.

The unique design and premium insulated material of louvre roofs ensures the protected area underneath is much cooler than with other solid extruded systems.

The size, shape and construction of the louvre roofs provide a number of benefits.

Widely used in residential applications as a protective cover for outdoor areas, Vergola louvre roof systems are used with decks, patios, courtyards, verandas and swimming pools. In commercial applications Vergola louvre roof systems provide protected and ventilated outdoor areas in hospitality and corporate environments.

Beam cappings and completely seamless attachments to dwellings ensure the quality of the finishing of Vergola louvre roof systems. Curved beams are available, depending on spanning requirements.

Roof louvres are manufactured from XRW or XSE .42 BMT Zincalume with Colorbond coating and have been wind tested to withstand cyclonic conditions (43m per sec). The maximum louvre span available measures 3600mm, with a rotation of 0-150 degrees.

A 12V heavy duty lineal actuator motor, for a maximum 25 louvres, operates Vergola louvre roof systems with a 10A Standard GPO required.

Vergola (NSW) specialises in the manufacture, distribution and erection of its operable louvre roofs.

Vergola provides energy efficiency and cost savings by protecting exterior walls and glazing areas from direct sunlight in summer and then capturing warming sunshine in the winter.

The design team at Vergola (NSW) specialises in the design and drafting of the Vergola System and are available for consultation on all projects.