A family from Oatley in Sydney’s southern suburbs had a large patio area that got little use because it offered no protection from the elements.

The family required a roofing system that would offer warmth in winter, cool shade in summer, as well as natural light and ventilation. Vergola louvre roof systems offered the perfect solution for them.

The Vergola louvre roofing system is ideal for their outdoor entertaining area and has practically added an extra room to their home.

Downlights were chosen by the owners for dining at night, as well as a rain sensor to close the louvre roof automatically when the weather turns.

The Vergola louvre roof system has reduced the air temperature by up to 18°C on hot summer days, and they can now control sunlight and airflow to create a comfortable atmosphere year round.

Vergola louvre roof systems are available in a variety of colour combinations using powder coating as well as standard Colorbond colours.
In NSW, Vergola roof systems are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Vergola (NSW) .