With a unique design and unmatched peformance, it is no wonder Vergola louvre roof systems are providing shade and shelter in thousands of locations nationwide.

Vergola's unique louvre design is the nucleus of all projects, and the reason these louvre roof systems perform so well. The aero foil wing shape and the doubling of Colorbond, a renowned roofing material, create a cavity air space which gives the louvre insulation and strengthening qualities that separate Vergola from other opening and traditional roofing systems.

In winter, Vergola louvres are angled to allow direct sunlight to penetrate, creating a wonderfully warm and protected area, and during summer the louvres are angled in the opposite direction to reflect the sunlight, providing a totally shaded, well ventilated, and naturally lit atmosphere.

The insulation properties of Vergola louvre roof systems are often unrecognised, however they play a vital role in that perfect environment. The transfer of heat to the underside, and subsequently the living area, is dramatically restricted by the unique aero-foil wing shape of the Vergola louvre. Regardless of how much sunlight and heat the louvres are exposed to, the underside will stay cool and add to the creating of a comfortable 'cool zone'.

In rainy conditions, the Vergola louvres in the louvre roof systems close and overlap each other to create a protective cover that allows the outdoor area to still be enjoyed, undisturbed from the inclement weather. The louvres are installed with water clearance in mind and will direct water to the Vergola gutter, which lines the inside of the system's frame work. The gutters then disperse water to the home's storm water system.