Take outdoor living to a whole new level of luxury with a Vergola louvre roof system.

When you want to take the party outdoors or enjoy some quiet time in your garden, there’s nothing better than an outdoor living space featuring an open-close, energy-efficient louvered roof system that not only adds flair and versatility but also transforms the space into a comfortable area you can enjoy all year round.

Vergola’s award-winning opening and closing louvre systems give homeowners total control over their outdoor living spaces. Regardless of the weather outside – come rain or shine – you can enjoy your outdoor area. Let the sunshine in or keep it out. All Vergola louvre systems come with a rain sensor that automatically closes the louvres at the first sign of rain and opens them again when the weather clears.

When you decide to have a Vergola louvre roof system installed in your outdoor space, a design consultant will visit you to inspect the area and discuss your design options. The consultant will return to the office and prepare design drawings, a plan and a quote for the job. Once you’ve signed your contract, a Vergola professional will visit to double-check and confirm every detail. Once this process is completed, the team at Vergola will manufacture the components, construct the frame and install the louvres and controls for your home’s system.

A Vergola louvre is designed with a unique aerofoil wing shape that provides maximum insulation. Vergola uses only Bluescope Steel’s Colorbond steel, which delivers better insulation and durability, and lasts much longer than aluminium.

A Vergola louvered roof system adds style and functionality to your outdoor space as well as value to your home. Every Vergola installation comes with the assurance of prompt and high-quality service.

Vergola louvered roof systems are backed by a two-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Just past their 30-year milestone, Vergola (NSW) has installed their quality louvered roof systems at more than 12,000 homes across Sydney and Northern NSW.