The next generation natural ventilation systems from Vento Australasia has ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating aerofoil louvre technology. This provides enhanced ventilation control and prevents weather ingress.

The WINDCATCHER® X-Air provide the benefit of night time cooling, a design element that can be integrated effectively into any building design. The new computer generated aerodynamic design helps deliver significantly higher ventilation rates per system.

Air capture and air flow control are maximised, thanks to the patented wings on the corner of the WINDCATCHER®.

Key features of this natural ventilation system includes:
  • made from fully recyclable materials and composite integrated upstand
  • reduces onsite difficulties and installation times
  • cost effective ventilation solution
  • Reduced weight of terminal
  • Greater air tightness
  • Integrated solar panel on top and sides of capping removes any location restrictions
  • UV maximised for colour longevity and stability in the Australasian climate
  • Can be installed onto roofs with a pitch of up to 35°