As of date, Vacuum Excavations Australia has excavated 13 metres vertically and 30 metres horizontally. The vacuum excavation unit is fitted with suction hoses and extra lengths when necessary. Vacuum Excavations Australia undertakes excavation operations by being fully equipped with safety infrastructure. To this end, sharps kits, first aid boxes, socks for spills, PPE and high visibility clothing are used by the staff of Vacuum Excavations Australia.

Towards ensuring environmentally-safe operations, Vacuum Excavations Australia carries oil spill kits while conducting excavations of marine environments. In general, prior to undertaking tasks, job safety analysis and risk assessment is done. This is followed up with daily checks of the vacuum unit and the truck prior to starting the excavation process.

Job safety analysis and risk assessment documentation is duly maintained and procedure for operating the truck and the vacuum unit are also documented. Other precautions taken by Vacuum Excavations Australia include signages indicating men at work, temporary safety fencing and usage of safety tapes and die markers to demarcate the excavation area.
Vacuum Excavations Australia obtains all relevant insurance policies such as the Public Liability Policy, Work Cover Queensland Policy and complete vehicle insurances on all its units.

Vacuum Excavations Australia holds the Environmental Protection Agency Regulated Waste Licence and follows the DPI Fire Ant-approved business risk management principles.