The vacuum excavation technology from Vacuum Excavations Australia is an innovative technology because of its low impact and non invasive excavation attribute. The technology from Vacuum Excavations Australia functions in a manner that is non-hazardous to the environment and avoids inconvenience to the general public.

Vacuum excavation technology functions with a small opening in the pavement, where the excavation takes place. Vacuum excavation by an opening in the pavement is a proven method and is used by most utility companies, city, and state government agencies. The vacuum excavation services provided by Vacuum Excavations Australia include potholing, excavations of confined space, cleaning pits and conduits, digging post holes in areas that have been serviced extensively.

The services provided by Vacuum Excavations Australia include preparation of quotations for work excavation applications. Vacuum Excavations Australia use Isuzu FTS700 trucks to undertake excavation. These excavation trucks have four wheel drives that allow off-road applications to be carried out. Excavation trucks are also fitted with high beam lights, to conduct excavations during night. Radio communications are also fitted in these trucks.
Vacuum Excavations Australia works under a strict code of conduct and operates within stipulated conditions. Practices that have minimum impact on the environment are adopted by Vacuum Excavations Australia.