Boral Plasterboard , a division of Boral Limited, caters to all ceiling and wall lining needs in the building industry.

Boral Plasterboard has factories in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia and is known to be one of the leading suppliers of plasterboard-based walls and ceilings. Apart form this, Boral Plasterboard also provides services such as construction and final installation of its products.

Boral Plasterboard caters for the needs of home owners, designers, and contractors. Boral Plasterboard also has Do It Yourself (DIY) products for homeowners. An innovative product Boral Plasterboard is Boral CinemaZone which gives you the peace and quiet of a cinema.

Boral Plasterboard is also the answer to a designer's needs. Building needs such as firewalls are customized and installed. Similarly, plasterboard walls and ceilings are available in different varieties.