Two products from USG Boral were customised to create a unique ceiling for the lift lobby at the Grant Thornton office in Brisbane. The two products specified for the project were Pixels metal ceiling panels and Compässo Elite ceiling suspension trim.

Grant Thornton sought a work environment that reflected their culture and reinforced their philosophy that their employees were as important as their clients. The physical environment additionally needed to convey the transparency, approachability and collaborative nature of the organisation.

USG Boral’s Pixels is a unique process that creates custom perforated images from photographs, brand logos or geometric shapes. Designers can use this process to create signature graphics on metal ceilings and wall-mounted panels, allowing limitless design possibilities for almost any space. Pixels ceiling or wall panels can be as small as 610mm x 610mm or as large as 610mm x 1830mm.

Geyer Pty Ltd designer Bridget Chapple worked with USG Boral right from the early stages of the design process with USG Boral providing information on the products and design possibilities. Ideas were refined during this design collaboration as the designer and the material supplier explored how images of a river could be incorporated into the ceiling panels.

Once the design team understood what could be achieved with Pixels and Compässo Elite, they decided on what parts of the image would be solid or backlit. USG Boral pixelated the image and converted it into individual ceiling tiles. Different shop drawings were produced until the final design was achieved.