BIM is becoming an indispensable tool for architects and designers – revolutionising the way buildings are being designed and specified.

This was evidenced by the large numbers of professionals who turned out at the crack of dawn in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne recently for the launch of USG Boral’s new electronic design tools

On Brisbane’s riverside, Peddle Thorp’s Design Systems Manager and Associate Mark Cronin spoke of BIM benefits, opportunities and challenges from an industry perspective. Quality content is vital to maximising the effectiveness of BIM, and integrated design tools from manufacturers can save a lot of time and effort in creating such content.

Over a dawn breakfast at Federation Square in Melbourne, Dominic Martens, BIM Manager at John Wardle Architects also talked about the importance of manufacturers ‘getting on board’. Delivering BIM for their products via plug-ins significantly reduces the effort of designing with and specifying materials for large projects. The result is win:win – architects and designers save time, and the manufacturers who provide online BIM models make it easier for their products and systems to be used in major projects.

In view of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, Wesley Benn – well-known BIM advocate, CEO of The Digit Group and Executive Chairman, RTC Events Management – shared his insights on BIM process and provided examples of successful BIM projects in Australia and overseas. Time saving and information quality were again emphasised as the key benefits of using manufacturers’ models.

Talks by industry experts were followed by presentation of USG Boral’s new online tools, eSelector and BIMWIZARD™, including a short ‘taste’ of their practical functionality. Developed to streamline creation of AutoCAD® Revit® models, these tools contain almost 100,000 data-rich models of USG Boral walls and ceilings systems, reducing design time and risk by delivering pre-qualified, proven design solutions.

The launch functions were organised as part of USG Boral’s drive to deliver innovation that helps design professionals work smarter, do more and design better. It’s one of the ways we’re constantly collaborating to help our industry become more effective.

We learnt a lot – and, judging by the lively conversations and networking over breakfasts, we trust the professionals who were there did too!

For more information check out BIMWIZARD™