Building maintenance is expensive, repair is costly and complete refurbishments can be just plain bank-breaking, so when it comes to choosing building materials it important to nothing for granted.

Plasterboard is one of those choices. It has and might always be one of the most specified interior lining solutions for designers and builders in Australia. But not all plasterboard is created equal, and there have been incredible product developments from some manufactures in recent years which have improved the product’s versatility, endurance and performance.

The next generation of plasterboard is high performance and multi-attribute, and can be faithfully used in areas threatened by mould, water or fire, or where a high impact surface is needed. This wasn’t always the case, and often building designers specified yesterday’s plasterboard with full understanding that the product might need repair or replacement in the future—hardly a sustainable or efficient business model

Thankfully companies like USG Boral are continually innovating and understand that every project is different, so every specification of plasterboard should be too.

Their Multistop™ plasterboard range is a tiered system, which means you can choose from a range of seven plasterboard products to suit each individual commercial project. Whether it’s resisting mould, water or fire, dampening sound or providing a high impact surface, Multistop™ plasterboards allow you to tailor specific solutions and provide better value for money. For example, why choose anti-mould or wet area boards when all you need is impact, sound and fire resistance? With Multistop™ you decide what attributes you want.

USG Boral’s Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard also demonstrates the company’s continued drive to improve even their most basic building product catalogue.  Sheetrock® is the newest engineered lightweight gypsum alternative to the Standard 13mm plasterboard and is perfect for ceiling linings.  It is 15 per cent lighter than traditional plasterboard, easier to cut, is less susceptible to sagging and breakage, and comes with USG Boral’s renowned warranty and customer-support system.

Both Multistop™ and Sheetrock® are seeing large scale specification across Australia because they are perceived as providing a more tailored solution to specific building applications and as having the long term benefit of not requiring replacement, maintenance or large-scale repairs.

Grocon recently specified a massive 30,000sqm of Sheetrock for their 480 Queen Street, Brisbane project and the firm’s Assistant Project Manager, Cameron Starkey notes how even the seemingly small difference in weight can make a large difference to project productivity.

“USG Boral’s Sheetrock® plasterboard should provide us with increased productivity due to the fact it is about 15 per cent lighter than USG Boral’s regular plasterboard. This assists in delivering the product to the various locations within the building, the time it takes to install product and the distribution of material loads in both a stored and fixed scenario,” says Starkey.