R&S Commercial Contractors installed Sheetrock brand plasterboard at a recent Ceduna SA commercial project and were impressed by the product.

The new Sheetrock plasterboard incorporates several improvements over the standard plasterboard from USG Boral. Following the first Australian installation, R&S Director Richard Tremain and his team were impressed with various characteristics of the new Sheetrock board.

Fixer and supervisor Alex commented that the product has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. According to the installation team, the new Sheetrock plasterboard not only displays improved board quality and ‘better than usual score and snap’ but also has the ability to stay completely intact when holes are drilled in the board for uni-struts. A typical application would normally result in a few sheets cracking and fracturing in the core.

R&S Director Richard Tremain also observed that the boards weighed about ½ tonne less than usual. While the board may have cost them about $100 more, the lower weight helped them save about $300 in freight alone.

Being lightweight, the boards were also easy to carry and work with, enabling the team to speed up installation without getting fatigued. The installers were able to finish the project a half day earlier than planned, helping the contractor achieve savings on labour.

Richard is emphatic when he says he will never go back to using ordinary plasterboard.

Compared to ordinary USG Boral boards, Sheetrock Brand plasterboard is 15% lighter, making it easier to carry and install; has a consistent core that’s easier to score and snap; is stronger kilogram-for-kilogram delivering Sag-Defying Strength; is available in ceiling boards and wall boards; and complies with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

A comparison of Sheetrock Brand plasterboard and USG Boral standard plasterboard is provided on USGBoral.com/sheetrock.