Effective infection control in hospitals and healthcare facilities is vital to prevent the spread of micro-organisms between patients, staff and visitors. When designing a new, or refurbishing an existing facility, the impact the built environment has on infection control cannot be overstated, and as such careful consideration must be given to the products specified and used in hospital and healthcare design.

The internal walls, floors and ceilings play a significant role in good design for effective infection control. There is the potential for walls or ceilings, which become moist, sticky or damaged, to have pathogenic microorganisms sticking to them. In addition, surfaces that are porous or textured may be difficult to clean and might therefore harbour potentially pathogenic microbes.

The Australasian Health Facility Guidelines states that wall finishes should be smooth and easily cleaned, and where in the immediate vicinity of plumbing fixtures, water-resistant.

USG Boral offers a range of plasterboard walls and ceilings ideal for assisting infection control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

USG Boral Fiberock® provides the impact toughness of masonry, combined with the design and installation convenience of plasterboard. USG Boral Fiberock is the perfect walling solution for hospitals and healthcare, with the high-performance panels providing resistance to moisture, mould and fire as well as dents and penetration. The smooth, seamless surface of USG Boral Fiberock makes it simple to clean and maintain, and reduces the risk of pathogenic microorganisms spreading throughout the facility.

For hospital applications where high acoustic performance is required in addition to impact resistance and hygiene standards, USG Boral Mars Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling Tiles provide the perfect solution. USG Boral Mars Acoustical Ceiling Tiles feature a water-repellent membrane designed for durability and safety with common disinfectants, and a washable and soil-resistant finish that is also impact and scratch resistant.

Where anti-microbial treatment is required, USG Boral Mars and DONN® Brand Healthcare Grid offer the complete system. Third party tested to JIS Z2801 for anti-bacterial activity and efficacy, these products meet the minimum requirement of a kill rate of 99% in less than 72 hours for the following micro-organisms that land on the surface of the tile: E-coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, S. aureus MRSA, Acinebacter Baumanii, Canadida Albicans, Streptococcus Pnuemoniae, Bacillus Cereus, and Aspergillus Niger.

The range also comes with a 30-year system warranty against visible sag, mould and mildew, perfect for a range of applications including patient rooms, treatment rooms, nurses’ stations, waiting rooms, labs, restrooms and food-prep areas.

With increased focus on infection control throughout the health industry, architects and designers must be equipped to provide design solutions that will meet and exceed the needs and expectations for this control.

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