Located on Old Burleigh Road in Broadbeach, Jewel Residences is a three-tower development by Multiplex that comprises a three-level podium and six-star hotel with 171 suites and 512 one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments. The development will also include luxury retail tenancies, business amenities, resort-style swimming pools, private bars, and a range of casual and fine-dining restaurants.

A unique design presented a challenge

Contractor Superior Walls and Ceilings was tasked with the job of fitting out one of the three towers at Jewel Residences, along with three levels of underground basements and three levels of podiums. One interesting challenge posed to Superior Walls and Ceilings was the architect-specified design of the apartment – a “guitar pick” shape was to be rebated into the ceiling. Using standard plasterboard was out of the question as it would take too much time and costs to achieve. Alternative plastering methods of achieving the rebated ceiling were simply not feasible for the 250 or so apartments they had to complete in that block.

FIBEROCK® – Not your standard lining panel

USG Boral’s FIBEROCK® was put forward as the ideal product for the task at hand. It’s capable of being ‘routed’ to achieve the desired design feature without the otherwise substantial labour and finishing costs.

FIBEROCK also has a rigid surface and consistent core – making it suitable for surface routing. “With FIBEROCK we are able to put it on a computer system have it routed, it comes up with a perfect edge, it’s consistent and a finish that they need,” said USG Boral commercial rep Michael Pankowski.

In order to achieve the guitar-pick-shaped rebate, Router Works was approached to create custom surface routing of the FIBEROCK panels. This was achieved using computer assisted router template design and customisation. FIBEROCK 16mm interior ceiling panels were pre-routed with the ‘guitar pick’ shape by Router Works and delivered to Superior Walls and Ceilings on site for standard ceiling board installation and finishing.

"Scheduling materials with the client and USG BORAL was very easy, always on time." Damien Digney, Director, Router Works.

“The main challenges on the project were the intricacies in the design, getting the sheets to align together to reflect similar outcomes,” said Damien Digney, director of Router Works.

The successful delivery of the routed FIBEROCK sheets to Superior Walls and Ceilings for the Jewel
Residences had clear benefits: there was reduced labour costs and installation complexity to achieve consistent design finish.

The Jewel Residences is slated to be completed in March 2019 and UGS Boral is proud to have worked with Superior Walls and Ceilings and Router Works in ensuring that the development is finished to the highest standards.

Potentially limitless applications for FIBEROCK

FIBEROCK is incredibly versatile for custom-design applications – the multiple attributes of the product ensure it meets performance as well as aesthetic requirements. Further, the material is not only durable, but able to be routed in a consistent manner.

“Now that it's been done once, the sky’s the limit. It's pretty much up to your imagination what you can come up with, if you can design it, we can put a pattern into FIBEROCK and it will perform well,” said Pankowski.

Project : Jewel Residences, Gold Coast
Architect: DBI Architects
Builder: Multiplex
Contractor: Superior Walls and Ceilings
Year: 2018, project to be completed in 2019
Products: Fiberock®, routed with 12mm rebate and supported with plywood panels in ceiling installation