Boral Plasterboard  specialises in the manufacture and installation of plasterboard based wall and ceiling systems. Boral Multiframe is a complete lightweight construction system for low-rise apartment buildings.

A complete building system, Boral Multiframe comprises of a range of timber framed plasterboard wall and ceiling systems that satisfy fire rating and acoustic requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for Class 2 buildings up to four storeys.

The Multiframe construction system is suitable for ceilings under bare timber floor, ceilings under carpeted timber floor, ceilings under tiled timber floor, over partition, room to room via ceiling, soil and waste pipe sound insulation, internal wall, external wall and separating wall.
Key features and benefits of Boral Multiframe lightweight construction system:

  • Lower cost of wall and floor systems compared to concrete and masonry construction
  • Lightweight properties suitable for reactive soil, sloping sites and seismic construction
  • A full range of systems to meet BCA requirements
  • Timber framed plasterboard construction
  • Back-up at design and construction stages by Boral engineers
  • Meets BCA Fire, Acoustic and Thermal Rating requirements
  • High acoustic ratings
  • Possible credit points towards Green Star rating
Boral Multiframe has been specifically developed for use in Class 2 buildings where sole occupancy units are located above one another. For Class 1 and Class 2 buildings comprising attached sole occupancy units, Boral Partiwall separating wall system may provide a more cost effective solution.