The eSelector from Boral Plasterboard is a quick and easy tool to select fire rated and acoustic plasterboard systems for any building project.

Boral eSelector allows users to conduct a ‘Quick Search’ or a ‘Performance-based Search’ to select the most appropriate plasterboard system for their application. Using the information provided, Boral eSelector will identify the most suitable systems for a given application and fire rating or acoustic requirements.

Quick Search:

User selects the Boral Plasterboard System Name or Reference from one of the dropdown menus provided.

Performance Based Search:

User selects System Type for a step-by-step system selection based on application and performance requirements.

The user is responsible for ensuring the specified application and fire rating or acoustic requirements are appropriate for their project.
In addition to fire rating and acoustic performance, the selected systems need to be checked for a limiting height, width or span as may be applicable. Please refer Section C ‘Design Tables’ of Boral Plasterboard Selector+ to determine the maximum dimensions and load bearing capacities of Boral Plasterboard wall and ceiling systems.