USG Boral FIBEROCK® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panels are high-performance panels that resist moisture, mould, and fire as well as dents and penetration. Use FIBEROCK® Aqua-Tough™ Interior Panels on walls, ceilings and exterior dry soffit applications where you need a smooth surface for paint or for ceramic tiling in wet areas.

Install this versatile product in high-traffic areas and it will provide strength – as well as water and fire resistance.

Suitable for healthcare, education, gyms and fitness facilities and even residential wet areas which require a fire rating such as kitchen splashbacks.

FIBEROCK® is a good option in healthcare buildings as it addresses the key considerations for healthcare design; including:

Minimise downtime: Suitable for interior lining in wet and dry areas, with the same build-ability in both areas. Using one product allows for single delivery and less handling, resulting in a simplified installation and reduced downtime.

Improved infection control: Moisture and mould resistant, provides a smooth and seamless surface finish that is easy to clean and disinfect.

High-traffic, high-impact hospital environments: Exceptional impact resistance – at least as strong as 9mm fibre cement.

Fire protection: Two-way fire rated wall systems up to 60 minutes (single layer) and 120 minutes (two layers) that satisfy BCA requirements for fire protection within hospitals and other Class 9a buildings.

Acoustic performance: High-mass for superior noise control that provides sound isolation for privacy or comfort and helps to reduce sound transmission in noisy areas.

Attachment of Fixtures: FIBEROCK® provides an excellent foundation material for attaching a wide range of fixtures to the wall. It often eliminates the need for additional nogs or back blocking for attaching many fixtures and only seldom requires pre-drilling when attaching the fastener.

FIBEROCK® was used extensively in the landmark South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), the 30,000m2 Hornsby Mental Health Facility and the Gold Coast University Hospital - providing an excellent finishing surface for painting. It assisted Architects in reducing the complexity of specifying for hospitals, with a high-performance, BCA compliant product that eliminates downtime and looks great.

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