Uridan waterless urinals from Watersave Australia have been installed at Checkers Resort and Conference Centre located in the serene natural bushland of Terrey Hills, 25km from Sydney’s CBD.

Situated on five acres of leafy landscaped gardens, the venue delivers a stunning location for corporate events, weddings, functions and weekend getaways. Committed to delivering tailored solutions for both business and pleasure, the Resort Management has been executing modernisation and refurbishment works at the venue with excellent results.

A major objective of the amenities upgrade at the resort was to implement greener solutions. The Uridan Admiral waterless urinal was specified for the male amenities at the conference centre for its sleek and modern design; water savings attributable to Uridan’s efficient waterless urinal engineering; simple cleaning and maintenance procedures; and high level of hygiene and odourless technology.

According to Janine O’Sullivan, Admin Manager at Checkers Resort, Uridan waterless urinals were specified for their male amenities in 2010. Since the installation, the Uridan solution has delivered water savings of approximately 60,000 litres per urinal per year, equivalent to approximately $800 in water savings per year (based on 2014-15 Sydney Water charges).

Ms O’Sullivan adds that the male amenities have also attracted many positive comments from guests and corporate clients.

The amenities are cleaned daily by the centre’s own staff with Watersave Australia performing scheduled servicing every quarter.