The SmartMeter solution from Watersave Australia is helping hundreds of schools and TAFE colleges in NSW save significantly on their utility expenditure.

Working with the education segment for over nine years, Watersave Australia aims to inspire, motivate and educate schools to reduce wastage and save costs and also improve educational outcomes for students by increasing awareness of water and energy use within the school and wider community.

Watersave’s SmartMeter Utility Management Solution (SUMS), used in over 450 NSW schools and TAFE Colleges, provides the data to help identify and rectify problems, track performance and quantify savings, especially during holidays. A focus on water and energy consumption during periods when a school is unoccupied as well as an understanding of the base consumption will provide incentives for improvement while also illustrating savings opportunities.

With schools generally closed for three months of the year and even during most term-time weekends, facilities are occupied only 200 days a year. To avoid paying for water leakage and excess energy consumption outside of term time, the SmartMeter Utility Management Solution delivers interval data across water, electricity and gas utilities, equipping schools with the necessary information to be able to accurately monitor and manage consumption and costs.

Image: A graph visualised with Watersave’s SmartMeter Utility Management Solution