An innovative utility management system from Watersave Australia is helping building managers to monitor and analyse water and energy usage in their buildings.

Architects today are required to provide post occupancy evaluation of buildings. Similarly, building managers are required to report on the environmental performance and ongoing efficiency of their buildings. Building performance reports are based on accurate data derived from metering and monitoring energy and water consumption.

Designed and developed in Australia, Watersave’s SmartMeter Utility Management Solution (SUMS) equips building managers with the tools to measure, manage and report on water and energy usage. The data can be used to introduce more proactive maintenance procedures and efficiency improvements to optimise building performance.

Key features and benefits of Watersave SUMS include clear and simple-to-interpret utilities data with automatic feedback alerting building managers in the event usage exceeds norm; intuitive and cost-effective multi-platform solution for remote monitoring and analysis of utility and sub meters; and combination of scalable data logging technology and simple data provision helping minimise energy and water wastage.