The Uridan Admiral KH-6 ceramic waterless urinals from Watersave Australia were specified for installation at the Brisbane International Airport.

Smith Madden was engaged by Brisbane Airport Corporation to design a range of prototype bathrooms at the Brisbane Airport’s international terminal. The Uridan Admiral KH-6 ceramic urinals have been specified for their waterless design, which not only benefits the environment and reduces odour levels in the bathroom but also looks great with a sleek and modern appearance and aids in maintaining a high level of hygiene.

According to Greg McKenzie, Architect/ Terminal Project Manager, the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is committed to managing, operating and developing Brisbane Airport in a sustainable manner to create a responsible environmental footprint, not only during construction but for the life of the airport.

Uridan waterless urinals were selected for use in the airport’s male amenities in line with BAC’s goal to maximise energy, water and waste efficiencies. Uridan waterless urinals help achieve significant water and waste water savings (approximately 60,000 litres per urinal per year in a commercial setting) while their elegant design translates into simple cleaning and maintenance procedures, resulting in low ongoing running costs when compared to conventional flushing urinals.