As Schools are gearing up to reduce water consumption and create awareness in the community about responsible water use, Watersave Australia is working to support this initiative to ensure students and staff have access to up-to-date water usage data with SmartMeter water monitoring systems.

SmartMeter water monitoring systems provide accurate water data for water management and sustainability reporting.

Up to 70% of water used in schools these days is lost through leaks in underground pipes, leaking toilet cisterns, bubblers and taps. It is for this reason that schools are beginning to understand that monitoring water usage is vital to managing this precious resource.

Paul Marsh, Managing Director of Watersave Australia explained, "We are in the market to provide real savings for schools whilst also providing accurate information for teachers and students to use in their daily learning. Working with the next generation will promote water awareness and best practise water habits for years to come. The SmartMeter System provides the information required for optimal water management in a school."

More information on SmartMeter watering monitoring systems is available from Watersave Australia.