WebGraph users will receive even more information under a new partnership between Watersave Australia and Testing and Certifications Australia.

Watersave Australia is partnering with EnergyAustralia’s Testing and Certification Australia business, to assist Australian business to manage all areas of their utilities.

TCA WebGraphs provide customers with online access to a suite of reports using the data provided by customers’ energy meters.

From November 2010, Watersave Australia will provide WebGraphs with additional reporting facilities to include water management. As a result, customers will now be able to track their water usage.

Watersave Australia works with commercial and government organisations to deliver sustainable water management systems.

The relationship between Watersave Australia and TCA is a step forward for both companies. They both aim to provide Australian businesses with innovative and sustainable solutions.

It is hoped that the combination of the Watersave Smart Metering System and WebGraph reporting will cut water and energy bills and also help reduce carbon emissions.