Watersave Australia recently launched the SmartMeter Multi-Logger water monitoring systems, designed for large businesses required to monitor and report on water consumption across multiple sites.

A single Multi-Logger unit has the capacity read water usage data from up to 128 individual water meters and connect to the secure monitoring website through a single GPRS modem or a direct RJ45 data point.

Depending on the location of the water meter (inside our outside the building), these transmitters can be configured as either solar or battery powered units.

The data collected by the Multi-Logger water monitoring systems is uploaded in real-time every 15 minutes to the company’s secure page on the Watersave SmartMetering website. This means that multiple sites can be accessed by business managers who don't have to unnessecarily leave the office to read meters.

E-mail or SMS alerts can be sent to pre-determined individuals if abnormal water usage occurs, so problems can be identified rapidly for instant rectification.